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Welcome to Jandhyala Foods
February 3, 2022

Every story starts with an idea. The idea of what one has to do. And over the years, we understood what our idea was. It is that our cooking should be more than filling the stomach of an individual but nourishing the soul of a culture. 

And so we set out to create and make sure the entire system of Jandhyala Foods revolves around two simple principles-

  • To not just create a pickle but provide a flavorful experience, and
  • To make authentic products that are steeped in culinary nostalgia

More than eighteen years on, we are still in the same effort, endeavouring and adding recipes from many grandmothers and mothers to present the best Jandhyala Pickle yet. And till date, our idea of nourishing people and culture is growing, not just in India but overseas as well. 

And we humbly believe this is due to our work ethic. To not just work hard, but work with a vision and commitment to deliver the best products in the pickle industry. And over the last decade, we have always made sure to get the best raw materials, whether it is grown on our farms, picked in the forest by our teams, or procured from the most authentic sellers. Because we, always want to deliver the best products every time.

We pride ourselves on how warm our personal customer interaction has always been. But that led to the next big question - how do we translate this interaction to thousands more customers, without losing the warmth and genuineness? And so we struck upon creating a website. A website that not only sells pickles but caters to the customer's questions and adds their buying experience. And we are working on many more things to make sure that we achieve our dream of a healthy pickle culture comes to fruition.

Simply put, we view our job like this-  to make sure that we humbly push the cultural and culinary past into the present, so that every spoonful of pickle on your plate is a unique experience. By doing that, we want to make sure that our pickles not only linger on your taste buds but also make your life feel just as satisfied as our pickles make your meal.

- Mukunda Jandhyala

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